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JED Microprocessors PC PROM Programmer, runs from PC parallel printer port.

The standard version of the JED PROM Programmer costs $A300 ($A330 inc GST). This runs under DOS, or under W3.1, W95 and W98 (all versions). (If you run W2000, NT or XP, see below.)

You can download a data sheet: PP.pdf (177KB), a picture: PP.jpg (16KB), or the 5.10 software.

The latest release of the programmer PP.EXE file can be downloaded as an upgrade for all 5.08 or 5.09 user's (DOS/W95/98 or W2000/NT/XP via Direct I/O.) Just copy over the existing 5.08 or 5.09 PP.EXE. The only difference between this and 5.09 is a bug fix for programming 27C512 PROMs where some users have experienced verify errors due to a timing error on fast machines, including some laptops. PP.EXE (5.10)

You can also download the latest complete PROM programmer software suite 5.10: PPv510.ZIP (124KB).

Even if you do not have a JED PROM Programmer, you will find the file format conversion utilities of use. We hope you will buy a PROM programmer to make them even more so!

Note: This release is limited to a printer port address of 378. If this is a limitation to anyone, please contact JED.

PLCC32 to DIP32 adaptors (two styles) available, made in Australia.756

These use ejector sockets for easy PLCC insertion and removal.

Two varieties are available:
  • Type 32/32, to adapt a PLCC part which uses all 32 pins to its corresponding DIP pinout. These are for 1 Mbit and larger devices, or for 32 pin FLASH devices. $150 plus GST.

  • Type 32/28, a 32 pin PLCC to 28 pin PROM adapter, for 32 pin PLCC PROMs which would normally be in 28 pin DIP packages. These have several no-connects, and this adapter matches the PLCC pinout to the PROM programmer DIP socket. 27C512 and smaller parts use this. Also $150 plus GST.

Windows 2000/NT/XP version of the PROM Programmer software.
PC PROM programmer

Here's how it works ... an I/O access program called "Direct I/O" has been licensed by JED for distribution to users, which loads into the W2000/NT/XP system and allows specific I/O locations and memory locations to be accessible to pre-setup programs. This program is set up to allow the I/O needed by the JED PROM programmer (the PC printer port) to be accessible without being barred by W2000/NT/XP, and to allow certain BIOS access. A license for this program (and a CD containing an installable copy) is available from JED for $A60. To go with this, a free upgrade to PROM software 5.10 is also supplied. (This is necessary to make it compatible in one minor aspect.)

This whole package can be sent by mail anywhere for $A10, so the total upgrade is thus $A60 for Direct I/O, $A10 post = $70 plus GST $7.00, i.e. a total of $A77. Call/fax/email/post JED a cheque or credit card details for $77 and we will send it out.

We can also supply via email, saving postage, for $A66, inc GST.

PROM Eraser also available from JED

PROM Eraser

This is a high quality unit from Hi-Lo, the "Chiprase". It has two holding areas for PROMs: one is a pull-out tray, and one is a lift-up lid allowing a further row of PROMs to be loaded up-side-down, making use of the other side of the UV tube. A built-in timer times the erase time.

It is $A275 ($A302.50 inc GST) including an Australian-pinout plug pack to power it.

Latest update 23 Nov 2008