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AVR570 ATmega2561 / ATCAN128 CPU module

570 This 47mm square module has an ATmega2561 surface mounted CPU, a reset chip, a CPU crystal, an optional DS1305 Real Time Clock with back-up battery and four rows of pins to connect to either your custom designed base board, or our AVR572 proto board or the AVR573 board below. (Note: we normally ship with a 3.6864 Mhz crystal, but other values, eg 16.000 Mhz are available on request.)

The AVR570 is also available with the option of an ATCAN128 (CAN bus) CPU.

Datasheet, with mounting dimensions: AVR570.pdf, Schematic, 570v0sch.pdf, and full page PCB layout: 570Bits.pdf

AVR573 base board for AVR570

This 160mm by 100 mm board is an all-through-hole base for the AVR570 module, and has 8 analog in, 1-wire in, 12 digital in to the CPU, 4 outs from the CPU to power FETs and 8 other FET outputs from an addressable latch.

It can drive an LCD display and scan a small keyboard in a way compatible with BASCOM or CodeVision compilers.
It can have a GPS module or an expansion board added to an extension area, and has two RS232 or one RS232 and one RS485 port.

Data sheet: AVR573DS.pdf Annotated pcb bits layout: 573v0bits.pdf



AVR572, prototype base board for AVR570

572 This is a base for users making one-off application board, or prototyping a system which will use the AVR570 module in production, or even for TAFE student or hobby projects.

Across the top are spaces and pads for six 5-way Phoenix 0.15" spacing screw socket connectors.
Across the bottom are double-row 0.1" spaced pads for ribbon cable connectors with solder pads for each pin for wiring just above them.
Vcc and ground tracks cover the board, and there are hundreds of dual-pads for ICs or discrete components.
At the left-hand end is wiring for a 5 volt linear voltage regulator and a MAX208E 4 TX, 4 RX chip for the two serial channels.
(Available as just a PCB or as a low cost kit with essential components like the voltage regulator and heat sink, the MAX208E RS232 chip and socket strips for the 64 AVR570 pins.)